The ETHNOCOLOR association implements cultural and education activities with
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Visual support (projection, educative books, leaflets)
Our ambition is to raise awareness among the public of the value of our cultural heritage.
Please CONTACT US if you want us to organise an activity.
Exhibition Ethnocolor

This exhibition is a summary of the work of Rozenn Leboucher since 1999. It represents festivities around the world on the 5 continents. The exhibition wants to bring forth worldwide intangible heritage. It pays tribute to our global cultural diversity.

Exhibition – Smiles & Laughter –

This exhibition is a tribute to folk lifestyle and happiness.
A SMILE ( Poetry from Raoul Follereau ) A smile costs nothing but effects much, It enriches those receiving one, Without impoverishing those who give, It lasts just an instant…

Ethnocolor on Togo Land

This exhibition is a summary of traditionnal rituals happening when young men become adult. The Lossos live in the Kabye region and are organised into age groups. The young go through several stages of initiation to achieve the status of adult. At 21, during the Esakpa, a ritual lasting a month, the young men, decorated with leaves, dance and play drums from house to house in the village and the countryside surrounding.

Ethnocolor on Andean Land

The Andes maintain traditions since always. This exhibition wants to bring forth the colourful tradition of Andean Land through a traditionnal wedding, some catholic celebrations and the biggest pilgrinage of South america happening at more than 4700 m. This unique event take roots in the ancient Incan principal of uniting man and nature.

Ethnocolor on Brittany Land

This exhibition is a summary of the Feast of the embroiderers in brittany. In the profusion of Brettany festivities of the summer, the Feast of the embroiderers of Pont l’AbbĂ© maintains its course for over half a century. This event gives an experience of local tradition with Bigouden, Brittany dances, and handicraft. Bagadou and Celtic circles spread in the streets, animate scenes and blend into a gigantic final tribute to the Queen of the Embroiderers. This is an opportunity to discover the richness of Brittany culture, where music and dance occupy a special place.
A Glance at the world

Look at gazes and glances
Exhibition Looking at cultural diversity
Photography by Rozenn Leboucher