ARTICLE ‘Var Matin’ – 13.09.11

” Ethnocolor “: meeting with Rozenn Leboucher

She is young with an effervescent appearance and full of talent. Rozenn Leboucher is also workaholic with roll films. Since 12 years, she is always looking for a new “Ethnic groups”, a new traditional festivals to freeze on film in order to immortalize the instant. And she reveals a real treasure at the Rancilio Gallery. Talking with this native woman from Bandol is passionating. Through her eyes, we can read her wonderful adventure revealed by her realistic snapshots.

Why such a quest around the world?

It is a life project: I want to discover and photograph the maximum traditional festivities possible before they disappear and afterwards, give knowledge of them to the public.

In which purpose?

I finally would like that some of them threatened by the modernism and the extinction of ethnic groups, can be register on Unesco intangible heritage. It is the most secure way to keep the us & customs of our world heritage.

What is the next destination that you have planned in your diary?

I am arriving from Siberia and on a different aim, I am going to China in order to participate to the official ceremony of a photographic award ‘Humanity photo award’ in partnership with Unesco, which I had won a couple of year ago. Later, if I can, I would like to go to Pakistan and the middle east which I don’t know to add more diversity to my project.

What about your “Ethnocolor” exhibition?

This exhibition is touring since three years, and keep a fresh look by the renewal of my new documentary photos. It stays available in French Gallery & Europe, and will hopefully go around the world.

Interviewed by LF